Bookkeepping/Fiscal Advisement in situations of Tributary and Societary Contentious

Many times, the fiscal and bookkeeping sectors of enterprises are involved with the daily operation of the company and cannot dedicate themselves to the attendance of the fiscal processes together or concerted with the legal advisors.

Bearing in mind our strong professional experience in this area, besides the expert reports and other technical instruments related to the fiscal/bookkeeping area, FSA Network can identify and raise opportunities of tributary load reduction via questions to be conducted in the ambit of the fiscal contentious.

Tributary Planning – Tax Review (study for the legal reduction of the tributary load)

FSA Network is totally aimed at adding value to the patrimony of their customers, whether they are legal entities or natural persons who own considerable fortunes. Through sophisticated techniques of tributary planning (legal reduction of tributary load), FSA Network customers can obtain substantial savings of money in their businesses.

FSA Network professionals, who dedicate themselves to the area of taxes, combine their knowledge of advanced accountability to the most sophisticated techniques of tributary law interpretation.

Services to Controlling

Frequently, the current administrative structures work in a limit of capability. The modern administrative systems even make it possible for the bookkeeping and fiscal registers to not occur in the “ancient” bookkeeping sector anymore. Everybody in the organization starts to perform the registers without even acknowledging these attributions.

As a result, the members of the bookkeeping and fiscal sectors have their activity changed to the control and maintenance of the system and do not dedicate themselves to details that, in former times, when faced with the lack of more efficient tools, were part of the functions of those “sectors”.

But it is exactly on those details that the fiscal auditors focus their efforts and request explanations that always demand rework or extra time, mainly directed to the collection of data/documents or to the preparation of auxiliary maps/reports that can not always be easily found.