Shared services “Outsourcing”

Bookkeeping, fiscal and payroll processes

Placing trained personnel, equipment, systems and a methodology of bookkeeping organization at the customers’ disposal, FSA Network can operate:

  1. Sharing teams and systems for the execution of tasks that are commonly identified as “back office”; or
  2. Sharing teams and systems for the execution of societary accountability, tax polling, laborite calculations tasks; and also
  3. Managing the execution of the bookkeeping, fiscal and laborite areas in the companies.

Mainly focused on the service to multinational companies, FSA Network has technical personnel qualified to elaborate financial demonstrations in accordance with international bookkeeping principles and to identify and discuss the differences between the bookkeeping aspects adopted in Brazil and abroad.

Those are the benefits identified in FSA Network as the representation of an accountants, auditors and business consultants International Association.

The combined knowledge of offices from all around the world allows us to afford assistance of high professional standard.

Internal Audit

With expertise in sharing teams of expert professionals, FSA Network can take over the functions of an internal audit. The management of internal auditors requires specific administration that is totally out of the scope of the organization’s business goals.

Fiscal Procedures

Through the use of a program made specifically to the customer, FSA Network can coach teams of internal auditors or provide professionals from their team of experts in the fiscal area to review in the following areas:

  • Indirect Taxes
    • Industrialized Product Tax – IPI
    • Services and Goods Transit Tax – ICMS
  • Social Integration Program – PIS
  • Income Tax and Social Contribution
  • Accessory Duties
  • SPED

The aim of this job is to keep the Direction of the company updated on the dimension of the risks in the fiscal area.