FSA Network, through their local and international partnerships, including with lawyers that operate in the corporate area, can offer:

Support in the implementation of companies in the country

In the last years, we have seen a great number of foreign companies searching for opportunities in our country. Naturally, we follow this movement closely and position ourselves in the correct way to gather relevant experience, offering assistance to the foreign investor in the financial-administrative structure and in the grasping of the business relationships.

Operations with Foreign Parties (Investments Abroad, Royalties, Trading)

With the modern “online” communications, the world is getting smaller. The globalization of economy is a reality that cannot go unnoticed by well-administered Brazilian companies. Lately, even small-sized enterprises have invested abroad.

Through their international structure, FSA Network can assist in the accomplishment of operations with foreign parties, including the development of enterprises or businesses (provision, joint-ventures, holdings, etc.) or simply in the attendance of customers abroad, mainly of those who are not fluent in English, for discussions of tributation and investments topics.

Strategic and Organizational Planning

FSA Network is fully qualified to conduct strategic and organizational planning projects, implementation of managerial information systems and project management methodologies.

Normally, in those projects, we are supported by a team of international lawyers that, altogether, perform all the stages of the legal work needed for us to reach the proposed goals.

Systems/Softwares for the Financial/Administrative area

Along the years, we have actively participated in projects that involve the evaluation, conception and design of systems to the financial-administrative area.

We have also operated in the support to the implementation of softwares, with the definition of specific rules and forms, as well as the training of users.

In the last years, we have participated in the elaboration of the methodology for the accomplishment of physical inventories and in the design and conception of fiscal/financial control systems of industrialization operations by order.

Productivity improvement and Management

For an experienced executive, it seems simple to determine what is working well or not in their company. What is important and what should be improved. The hard part is to have the time and the methodology to perform this job in an ordered way with specific goals and later check the efficacy of the changes performed.

We act precisely as a facilitator of this process. The magic formulas for success are almost always very close to us, what lacks is the time to organize the ideas, discuss about the experience in other companies and implement the necessary changes without interrupting the business day-to-day routine.