Corporate Finance

FSA Network can provide a wide approach for specialized services for the organizations.

The technical constitution and experience in business, allied to the support of multidisciplinary and international teams, allow us to provide multidisciplinary services.

Technical support for Enterprises Fusions, Scissions, Acquisitions or Sales

The steps we need to follow before performing business acquisitions or sales are innumerous.

The big majority of experienced executives know that, in a purchase or sale situation, the participation of legal advisors, auditors, finance and marketing professionals is of great importance to assure that all the relevant aspects of the negotiation are being observed (societary, civilian, fiscal, bookkeeping and value situations – return of the investment and market potential).

The job, though it may seem extremely logical, requires a methodology that only experienced professionals can offer.

Companies Evaluation

FSA Network performs patrimonial evaluations for many purposes, from the calculation of enterprises’ value for fusion, incorporation or scission purposes, verification of the fair value and evaluations for any other purposes such as professional expert reports for fiscal or societary purposes.

In regards to the patrimonial evaluation, which also involves the technical evaluation of goods from the fixed asset or intangible goods, FSA Network works in association with first level engineering companies, which evaluate such goods and whose expert reports are attached to the FSA Network’s final report.


We execute jobs that involve the implementation of management information aiming at the control of corporative finances.

Cost management, pricing formation, budget elaboration and attendance as well as the development of financial reports are of substantial relevance to the management of operations in any enterprise or business.

It’s not necessary to keep a permanent MBA in your company. Our attendance can be enough, mainly (1) if your operation is very limited but the requirements with controls justify a high-level accountability and financial professional (which is more common in branches of foreign capital companies) , or (2) if the business, even if well-structured in the country, needs the part-time attendance/advisement of a financial team with international experience.

Managerial Accountability

The correct and objective exercise of the controller function in many companies can represent an important differential in the conduction of business.

Keeping the operations under control doesn’t only represent to be up-to-date with accountability. There is a lot of important information that can go unnoticed by the company’s directors in the demonstratives’ restrict obedience to the generally accepted accountability principles. Hence the need to go beyond bookkeeping principles and get to the ambit of financial administration, where we find many answers or indications to help us in the conduction of business.

FSA Network counts with a team that is experienced in financial administration and in the participation in projects for structuring and maintaining the controller function.

Cost Accountability Implementation

Many companies are still faced with difficulties in the cost control and management, as well as in the formulas for pricing formation, which is a heritage from the many years of inflation. With this period ended, many companies noticed the relevance of cost control, but the difficulties of implementation of this “new” culture have been the biggest challenge.

Choosing the best data processing system, identifying and distributing responsibles, measuring efficiencies, using the concept of standard price and/or implementing more recent techniques of results gauging are some examples of difficulties we can help our customers to solve.