Assurance Services (Audit)

Independent audit with register in the Movable Values Commission – CVM

FSA is qualified in the independent auditor category with an active register in the Movable Values Commission and Regional Accountability Council.

We share the best audit international practices and, to our customers that operate in the international area, we can offer the benefit of corresponding with independent audit companies in many jurisdictions.

Our professional orientation and mission as independent auditors is for the quality of the bookkeeping information.

Special and/or limited audit

Long Form Reports of accountability evaluation and management or specific use reports and company acquisition audit (due diligence).

Fiscal Audit

The aim of the fiscal audit is to identify situations in the company’s day-to-day routine that may cause doubts regarding the adequacy of the fiscal procedures adopted, mistakes and/or omissions.

Our experience as auditors allows us not only to focus our exams on the search for mistakes, but also to determine where, in the process of bookkeeping and fiscal registers, the mistakes that can constitute a relevant risk to the organization are happening.

Review of the Annual Income Tax Declaration (Income Tax and Social Contribution)

FSA Network reviews the adjustments declarations (Income Tax and Social Contribution) for both legal entities and natural persons, before they are filed in the Federal Revenue Department, warning the customer about possible points of tributary planning (legal reduction of taxes) or occasional contingencies.

Processes of internal controls, compliance (corporative governance), fiscal council and audit committee.

FSA Network is qualified to perform jobs that involve the evaluation of internal controls and/or the implementation of rules and procedures (best practices) focusing on accountability, fiscal and financial control systems.

With expertise in evaluation, design and implementation of controls, business risk evaluation, independent audit and professional certification for the participation in the Fiscal Councils of S.A. companies, the partners and their professional team withhold important knowledge and experience to share with their customers.

Judicial Expertness

The accountants in FSA Network are fully qualified to operate as experts in litigations and judicial disputes.