About us

It is with great satisfaction that we present FSA Network. A Company that gathers the professional experience of more than 30 years among its partners and that believes itself to be the intelligent option to those who search for audit, financial and taxes solutions that satisfy the so longed for balance between quality and price.

We are an organization that is composed of approximately 50 professionals such as Accountants, Administrators, Economists, serving customers all over Brazil and even overseas from our headquarters in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

We know of the difficulty of bringing up-to-date and high-quality business solutions. Bringing cutting-edge and innovative solutions means to be in constant search for new ideas, new technologies. Only the contact with different cultures, different business realities is capable of allowing us to think of the new.

Through our international association as a member of ANTEA, we can offer our customers access to experts in national law and to international business practices.

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